A magical world in need of rescue... Can you harness the power of your Rainbow to defeat evil?

Six / Six

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Six/Six should run on any Rainbow 100. The game should work fine with a base system, including the 100A model. The game requires approximately 100KB of disk space. A true DEC LK201 or LK401 keyboard with default key labeling is strongly encouraged (so you can find the Exit key, for example).

PKZip is needed to decompress the demo archive. The game should run fine on all MS-DOS releases for the Rainbow.

Timing is tied to the 8088 processor clock. Users with a NEC V20 CPU may experience somewhat faster gameplay. Systems equipped with a Turbow-286 accelerator should disable Turbow mode prior to playing.

Developed Entirely on a Rainbow 100!

Six/Six has been authored, built, and tested on real Rainbow hardware. A Rainbow 100B with a full compliment of 896KB of memory was utilized for development along with the following tools: