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Posted September 1, 2019

This page has been unavailable for weeks recently. The whole problem started with a change in my home Internet provider, and I didn't notice the problem for at least a week. I then proceeded to ignore it for another few weeks.

Previously, this page was actually served through a VPN to a cloud provider and proxied at home through a Raspberry Pi. The original reason for this nonsense was:

  1. My original Intenet provider's router couldn't NAT-forward properly
  2. The previous setup used the Pi as a serial gateway

When I started using the VAX for hosting, there was no reason for all this. However, the VPN worked, and the Pi could proxy properly. So why not?

The new provider, though, seemed to be blocking the VPN. I was using just shitty, old PPTP, which isn't secure. I didn't need it to be secure, though, since it was just tunnelling web requests to my house. Finally this week I configured NAT forwarding, though, and the VAX is now serving directly to the world. I'm pretty sure I have a number of broken links because of this change.

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